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A brief history...

We're Laura & Dan a couple who has grown up locally, with a great love of the town and surrounding area we decided to establish our start-up pizzeria here in Southend.

Over 2 years vegan and we had been left disappointed countless times when it comes to filling that hole only great pizza can fill. That all changed in late 2019 when we traveled to New York and tasted what those guys have to offer. BLOWN AWAY, we joked about opening our very own pizzeria however, we never thought one year later we would be launching our very own. We had a little time to spare in 2020 and remembering the big apple we felt inspired to try and recreate what we’d experienced. We purchased a stand mixer, did our research, and failed, we failed so many times, I’d like to say it sucked but it didn’t, failure tasted great just not as great as we’d remembered. As the pizzas improved we started to share them with friends & family. The feedback was good, our friends loved them or at least they were too nice to say otherwise. We found food we could enjoy with our friends and family and it felt good. We’d stayed pretty positive throughout the year despite slowly watching our livelihood disappear. Eternally optimistic and looking for the silver lining, we started to talk about launching a pizza van. Something we could do that would build momentum and we could grow into a shop. We knew we wanted an authentic product, which meant using a deck oven and the logistics of using such an oven in a van is very very difficult. We came to realise that the van idea wasn’t going to work and we started to look at small shops. We weren't looking long when we found the perfect place, just opposite Southend Central train station and just off the high street, a great central location for people to find us. We agreed on the let with our very helpful estate agents and here we are. Born out of optimism, too much time on our hands and a deep love of pizza, Pie Hole exists to inspire change. Vegan or not we're pretty sure you'll love our pizzas, pop by for a slice, pie or just to say hi. Laura & Dan ORDER



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